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Enhance your laptop's graphic performance with one simple step

Amazing Gaming Performance Enhancer

Got a PC/ laptop without/with an old graphic card? Games skip frames & unable to play new games with intense graphics? Don't want to spend a hefty amount on a new laptop?
If YES, this solution is for you.

Enhance your gaming experience in just steps 2 simple steps:

1. Download the registry file from this link.
2. Run it on your laptop/PC. It will ask for permission, click "yes" two times and then "ok" on the "successfully added.." message.
3. Enjoy!

I had found this tweak on the internet after days of net-storming, and tried it on my Acer Aspire V5-471p (which has no graphics card) and found the result to be positive!

Other suggestion to improve your gaming experience are:

1. To put your laptop in High Performance Mode (Battery modes).
2. To change your visual setting from: Control Panel > Performance Information & tools > Adjust Visual effects > "adjust for best performance".

 Disclaimer: This blog/owner of this blog disclaims all/any of the damage/loss caused to you/your machine due to use of the above stated method/registry file.

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