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Exclusive Trick: Save Whatsapp media on your Memory Card & save Phone Memory [NO ROOT]

WhatsApp doesn't give a choice to save the photos, videos, audios, chat backup etc to the memory card. But now, with this trick you can have all your files on your memory card & save your already scarce phone memory!

Before we start, I highly recommend you to make a backup (copy) of your whatsapp folder on your computer, in case something goes wrong. Now, let's start.. 

You'll need the app: FolderSync Lite or FolderSync (Paid)

Step 1: Install the above said app.

Step 2: Use your file manager to create a folder in your memory card. Name it as "WhatsApp" (without the quotes).

Step 3: Open the app, go to Folderpairs, & click on the '+' sign at the lower right of your screen.

Step 3

Step 4: Fill the fields as follows:

Unique Name: WhatsApp

Account: SD CARD
Sync Type: To remote folder
Remote folder: browse & select the WhatsApp folder you created on your memory card.
Local folder: browse your phone memory & select the WhatsApp folder.

Step 4

Check "Use scheduled sync"
Sync interval: Advanced
Sync days: Select all the days (Mon-Sun)
Sync times: 3:00 (you can choose any time but I prefer & recommend it at night)

Sync Options:

Only tick & activate the following,

  • Instant Sync
  • Sync subfolders
  • Sync hidden files
  • Delete source files after sync
Overwrite old files: Always
If conflicting modifications: Use local file

Sync Options

Connections: Leave everything as it is (Everything should show as disabled)

Notifications: Tick & activate 'show notification on sync error' (you can use other options as per your wish too)


Advanced: Tick & activate, "Rescan media library" & "Use temp-file scheme".


Step 5: Check all the settings properly & Click on save.

Step 6: Exit from the app & reopen it, From the Folderpairs window, click on 'SYNC'.

'Syncing' will be displayed & being the first time, you need to wait patiently, the time taken will depend upon the size of your Whatsapp contents & your phone's processing speeds.

And you're done! 

You can check, the whatsapp folder on your phone memory will be empty & all files/images/audio etc will be available in the Whatsapp folder on your memory card!

The only drawback* of using this trick is that after each night's sync, the media when opened through the WhatsApp app, will be unable to open the media and will show a dialogue saying "Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your SD card".

Though all the media will be safe on your memory card & can be viewed from your phone's gallery.*\

*This happens as the files have been moved from the default location (phone memory)

IMPORTANT TIP: If you're not running acutely short of your phone storage, you can set the Sync Days under Scheduling option to Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun. By doing this,the frequency of the above said issue can be delayed by 2 days instead of daily.

Depending on your storage status, you can also set the sync to happen just once a week (select any one day) & the media will be available in WhatsApp app for one week before it gets transferred to the memory card.

For those who want to know what's actually happening here, this app will move the contents of the 'whatsapp' folder from your phone memory to the 'Whatsapp' folder on the memory card on a scheduled basis (daily night at 3:00AM)

Disclaimer: This blog/owner of this blog disclaims all/any of the damage/loss caused to you/your device/data/etc due to use of the above stated method. You agree to perform the above at your own complete risk.

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