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Tasker: App Specific Screen Brightness [Very useful]

Introduction with today's project: An extremely simple yet immensely useful & convenient tasker project. This tasker project automates your android smartphone's screen brightness to act according to the app currently opened/used. 

For example, the screen brightness will be increased when the camera or the gallery app is opened, to facilitate capturing of photos/videos & will be restored to the normal brightness state after the app is closed. This definitely makes capturing photos/selfies or videos a more enjoyable job! 

This is extremely useful for people who don't keep their screen brightness at maximum, due to the ever insufficient battery life, but often feel the need to manually slide the brightness up, while clicking pictures or viewing the gallery or watching videos etc. After creating this tasker project, you'll never need to adjust the brightness level when using a particular app(s). You'll be able to predefine the level of brightness which will be applied when such apps are opened, and will revert to the regularly used(predefined) level of brightness once the apps are closed.

PREREQUISITE: You'll need the app: Tasker (Please turn off beginner's mode in preferences)

In a nutshell, it basically consists of 3 simple steps- Selecting the apps, Setting the increased brightness level & Setting the brightness level to return to, once the app is closed.

Now let's get into a detailed tutorial.

Step 1: Click on the '+' button at the bottom right corner and select 'Application'.

Step 1
Step 2: From the list of the apps, select the Camera & Gallery apps you use.
(You can select more than one camera/gallery apps like retrica/beauty plus/camera 360 etc too). (Make sure only "App" is active at the bottom, while "Services" and " Invert" options are inactive.)
Step 2

Step 3: Click on "New Task +" and give it a name: "Brightness Up"

Step 4: Click on the '+' button at the bottom and browse to Display -> Display Brightness.
  • Slide to set the value of Level to the maximum value possible (eg. 255). 
  • Click on the '+' button at If and type %BATT in the variable box, select "Maths: Greater Than" from the middle box and type 19 in the value box and press the back button. (refer image below)

    [by adding this IF statement, the screen brightness will be increased only if the battery is at least 20%. This acts as a power saving mode for this feature]
Step 4

Step 5: Click on the '+' button at the bottom and browse to Task-> Stop. Press the back button.
After completing Step 4 and 5

Now, exit from tasker app & make sure your phone's screen brightness it set as you always want it to be.

Step 6: Open tasker. You should be on the PROFILES tab/page; Long press on the Task Brightness Up and select Add Exit Task.

Step 6
Step 7: Click on "New Task +" and give it a name: "Brightness Down"

Step 8: Click on the '+' button at the bottom and browse to Display -> Display Brightness. (DO NOT change the value of Level this time)

Step 9: Click on the '+' button at the bottom and browse to Task-> Stop. Keep pressing the back button until you exit from the tasker app.

After completing Step 8 and 9

Make sure everything looks like the image below this at this stage.

Everything should look like this

You're Done! Just open your camera app & test it. It should work perfectly. If you have any issues, feel free to use the contact us form.


Disclaimer: This blog/owner of this blog disclaims all/any of the damage/loss caused to you/your device/data/etc due to use of the above stated method. You agree to perform the above at your own complete risk.
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