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Useful Android apps you must have! PART- I

Useful Android apps you must have! PART- I

1. exDialer 
Developer: Modoohut

This is definitely the best dialer & contacts app you can find for your droid. It features so much, you cannot ask for more! 

Its features include (Read all): 

1. Smart contact searching through alpha-numeric keypad. 
2. No need to switch between callog and dial pad (both available at same time!) 
3. Categoried view of Call log(outgoing, incoming & missed calls) on long press of backspace button. 
4. Search from additional fields of contacts. 
5. Swipe any contact from call log/contacts from left to make a call; Swipe from right to send a message. 
6. Choice of size of font in call log, dialpad size, dialpad font size. 
7. Numerous themes to make your dialer fresh forever!
8. Automatically pastes the number into the dialer for your convenience if you copy it from anywhere(web/sms/notes etc) 
9. Separate Call log view for each contact!
10. Haptic feedback, touch sounds. 


and much more.. 

You cannot miss this app! 
It is a free app available at google play but you require the pro key(paid) to activate all of the features. 

Download link: http://market.android.com/details?id=com.modoohut.dialer

2. SwiftKey
Developer: SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a keyboard app available for both phones & tablets. 

The feature it boasts of includes:
1. Unique learning capability as you type. 
2. Choose from over 60 Languages(includes innovative languages like Hinglish; which is hindi mixed with english) 
3. More than 10 themes to suit your style. 
4. Cloud sync of your learnt language database, so you can change your device or enjoy the database across devices. 
5. SwiftKey Flow- type with a swipe. 

Give d app a try!

Download link: http://market.android.com/search?q=pname:com.touchtype.swiftkey

Let us know about your experience! 

Like, share, comment, follow, enjoy! 

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