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Top 5 Indian Tech Websites You Need to Follow Right Now!

There are a lot of websites offering tech news and updates but only a few are by and aimed at the Indian audience. Following these Indian websites will offer you the best experience. Since their content is targeted towards India, you get information which is more relevant to you.

Today, we have come up with a list of the top 5 Indian tech websites and youtube channels(in no particular order) for you to follow. So let's get started.

 C4ETech - India's most popular tech channel on youtube. The channel is owned by Ashwin Ganesh who founded the channel in the year 2011, having no idea it would soar to these heights; Ash already has over 5,00,000 subscribers to his channel. The channel offers tech news, unboxing & gadget reviews, giveaways etc and uploads new videos thrice a week. Go check it out..

 GeekyRanjit - The famous tech enthusiast Ranjit Kumar pushes new & quality videos each day to his youtube channel GeekyRanjit. The videos range from reviews of smartphones & networking devices to Live Q&A sessions. The channel purely focuses on its quality content and with over 4,50,000 subscribers, people flock to it to get their daily dose of tech.

YouTube • Website • Facebook • Google+ • Twitter

 Phone Radar -  If you're the kind of person that likes to know-as-it-happens & want to stay ahead of everyone else, these are the guys to follow! The Phone Radar team is extremely active on its website, youtube and all social media channels. The website and the youtube channels are regularly updated with useful tech reviews, benchmarking videos, PR talks, giveaways etc. and instant updates are pushed via twitter and facebook pages, throughout the day. Also for the Hindi lovers, there is Phone Radar Hindi.

YouTube • Website • Facebook • Google+ • Twitter
❤ Hindi:  YouTube • Website • Facebook • Twitter

 Technical Guruji - The channel is run by Gaurav Choudhary who claims to be a youtuber by hobby & uploads new videos on a daily basis. The contents of the channel are in hindi and provides tech reviews, how to, Q&A sessions and giveaways too. With over 400 videos and 3,00,000+ subscribers, it's one of the fastest growing tech channels on youtube, toh chaliye shuru karte hai..

 Sharmaji Technical - The 100% hindi channel is run by Praval Sharma from Bangalore. The channel offers unboxing, tech news, reviews & a weekly 1hr 30min live Q&A session on saturday 10pm IST via youtube. Started in the year 2015, the channel received huge appreciation and has over 1,40,000+ subscribers.

So, this was the list of the top 5 tech channels from India. Subscribe/follow all of them & stay updated!
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