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WhatsApp: Voicemail and Call Back Features Introduced

Recently, a new Fixedsys font was introduced on Whatsapp which could be used by typing ``` before and after any word or sentence (eg. ```Hello```). Now, whatsapp has come up with Voicemail & Call Back features which can be found in its beta version 2.16.189. You can get it right now by becoming a beta tester or by just downloading it from apkmirror.

Tech-RG Voice mail & call back features on whatsapp
Voice Mail & Call back
feature on WhatsApp
Whenever a whatsapp call is either rejected or goes unanswered, Three new buttons will be displayed on the screen-

Cancel - which will take you back to the chat screen.
Call back - which will redial to the contact.
Record voice message - which will allow you to record a voice message by holding down the button.

All of these features actually existed before the update too; you could redial or send a voice message from the chat screen, but the update seems to provide the right feature at the right moment and it makes things a little more easier.

More features like Video Calling, GIF support etc will also soon be coming to WhatsApp. Follow the blog to know about them first!
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