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Remove Listening at a High Volume Warning on Samsung Galaxy Devices [SOLVED] [NO ROOT]

Don't you just hate it when you plug in your headphones in a good mood & as soon as you try to increase the volume, Samsung stops you and a popup warns you about the harmful effects of listening at a high volume each time! To add to it, you actually have to tap OK to continue.

Pop-up message: Listening at a high volume for a long time may damage your hearing. Tap OK to allow the volume to be increased above safe levels.

It's one of those touchwiz things you hate! Well here is the easiest and the only way to get rid of this popup. So, let's begin.

It's a Tasker solution & you'll need the following apps: Tasker and AutoInput

Step 1: In the tasker app, under Profiles, Create a new profile by clicking on the '+' at the bottom right and browse to Event -> UI -> New Window
  • Label: *listening at a high volume*  [Note- please type the text along with the asterisks]
  • Window Type: Dialog
  • Priority: Normal
Press the back button to save.

Step 2: In the next pop-up menu, Select New Task + and assign it any name (eg., Auto Dismiss)

Step 3: Click on the '+' at the bottom center and select Plugin -> AutoInput -> Action and click on the edit button (pencil) under configuration. Under manual setup, select & fill in the following fields:
  • Action: Click
  • Field Type: Text
  • Field Text: type OK
Save the settings by clicking on the tick mark on top right of the screen.
Press the back button to save everything, until you exit from the tasker app.

You're done! It's all set up & now be assured the pop up will get dismissed automatically every time and won't bother you.
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