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Samsung Members - App to solve problems of galaxy users

What is Samsung Members App?

Samsung members appSamsung recently refreshed its Galaxy Community app & launched it as "Samsung Members" app. Calling it a "One-stop service centre", it is aimed to provide better customer service.

The app offers a comprehensive FAQ section, a community for galaxy users, support features like self-diagnosis, service centre information, and One-to-One remote help. The app will also take error reports, feedback & suggestions from the vast user community.

The app, In-depth

Galaxy Community became samsung membersThe app opens up with a pop-up menu asking users to choose between importing previous content if they had been using the galaxy community app or start as a new user by logging in with your Samsung account.

The app's home screen shows latest News & Tips with a search button at the top with 3buttons at the bottom leading to the Feedback, Suggestions & Support sections; the availability of these services are location & device dependent.

Feedback section offers FAQ which is well categorised & a Questions/Errors section where you can ask questions & report errors

Suggestions section is the place from where you can send your suggestions about the device to Samsung. This is a very positive attempt by the company as it'll be able to receive a lot of valuable suggestions directly from its users.

Support section is where you can use the diagnostics tools to check your device's hardware & optimise it using various other tools. Information about service centres & smart tutor is also available here.

Review - Our experience with the app

Samsung Members app is a mix of the good & the bad with scope for a lot of improvement. The app's FAQ section is basic but well organised & will be useful for first-time users. The option to ask a 1:1 question is useful too. The idea to take suggestions from the users is great & easy to use, though in our case, numerous attempts to send a suggestion failed with a server response error. the app doesn't actually have much up its sleeves in the support section, where most of the device optimisation features it offers like Clear RAM/storage, optimise settings, uninstall unused app etc are already present in the 'Smart Manager' in your device. The After-Sales section under the Support Menu offers to let you know about service centres which just redirects you to Samsung's website in your browser.

The app is a step in the right direction but still not as useful as it should be. The app has a few issues and thus 1000+ 1-star ratings out of the 3500+ reviews on google's play store. Features like in-built smart tutor, option to register complaints of faulty devices/service centres, tracking of complaints/repairs, information about email & toll-free customer care numbers from within the app would definitely add value to it.

We also must not forget that the app is relatively new & it would improve over time. Till then give it a try & if you find any error, send your suggestions on improving the device via the app.

How to get the app?

If you are a user of any of Samsung's Galaxy series device, you're entitled to get the app. You might see an 'information message' notification on your phone which would lead you to the installation of the app or you can also get it from the google play store by clicking on the button below.

Download Samsung Members App from google play store

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