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WhatsApp update - New Status Feature released

WhatsApp releases update v2.17.81 with the new status feature which replaces the older version. Now you can set GIF, photo or video as your WhatsApp status.

The update brings a new 4 tab interface- Camera, Chats, Status & Calls tab.

The Camera tab lets you quickly capture photos or videos which can be either sent it to anyone or set up as a status from the following window.

The Chat & Call tabs are same as you have been experiencing them.

The new Status tab packs all the new features & seem inspired from Snapchat stories. The tab initially provides a short & simple guide to the user about the new feature. Photos or videos can be set as status updates which are protected by end-to-end encryption & automatically disappear after 24hrs. New improved privacy options can now be set for the Status updates - My Contacts, My Contacts except.. & Only share with.

If the update is not yet available for you on the google play store, you can download it from below.

Here are few screenshots from the new version of the app.

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